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  • Hello and welcome to the home of EuroWax. We are a proud company who offer and stand behind our outstanding product. Much time and money has been spent on formulating Eurowax guitar polish. We are proud to proclaim our formulation as the best in the world. This is for several reasons:

    • The lotion-like formula turns invisible when polished- absolutly nothing is left behind but a perfect finish. Works incredibly well on pickguards, too!
    • True swirl and scratch removal capabilities- EuroWax not only cleans and polishes, but will completely restore your guitar's finish as well! Check out our testimonials for further details
    • Our competitors offer sprays which will do nothing but deteriorate your guitar's finish in the long-term. Their sprays provide inferior lubrication, thereby allowing a simple polishing towl to cause surface scratches. We all have used these sprays and have seen what damage repeated polishing with these products can do. Using Eurowax will restore the luster of insturments which have experienced past abuse.


    In otherwords,
  • Fender and Gibson Guitar Sprays will result in a scratched guitar after repeated use! Do not use them!
  • EuroWax will NEVER allow the microfiber cloth (which is included with every order) to scratch your finish. In fact, simply using Eurowax will fix the scratches left behind by fender and gibson's spray polish


The Bottomline...

$14.95 shipped in the US. Click Here to order....

Each order includes:

  • 8 oz of product, enough for approx 30 full polishes
  • A super soft microfiber cloth
  • Instructions
  • A money-back guarantee